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On July 8th, 2013 the city of Toronto and surrounding regions suffered the most significant rainfall in over 50 years when a storm delivered over 120 millimetres of rain within a matter of hours.

The result was devastation to the infrastructure, power outages, travel delays everywhere, flooded homes and untold retail loss. That’s right, retailers willing to remain open and consumers willing to brave the weather for their favourite cup of java were disappointed as the overwhelming majority of Point of Sale (POS) systems currently in use were entirely incapacitated by the power outages resulting from the storm. This is because they require a wired network connection powered by electricity. Even the wireless systems often used in restaurants require that the POS System of record be plugged in.

The retailers who would be exempt from such issues are retailers who accommodate their customers by using Unwalleted. As an unwalleted retailer, merchants are able to issue gift, reward and discount cards to their clientele without ever providing a physical card. The card is issued within the app which operates on your smartphone which — as you probably noticed — was about the only thing that was working just fine during the storm.

Furthermore, Unwalleted is also an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or paper cards issued by merchants which always worth considering — especially given recent weather patterns.

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